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Dr. Kamran Boka

Formerly teaching and practicing medicine in Houston, now Knoxville, Tennessee-based pulmonary and critical care physician, Dr. Kamran Boka, has been creating art for more than two decades. Building upon a foundational passion for hard-dark pencil to paper, his line strokes reflect a maturation from the intricate doodles and tee shirt designs of his earlier work to an exploration of the surreal and abstract via moody inks usually on thick craft paper. A fan of collecting his work in notebooks, his inked pieces are a journey into a world of iterative detail and confusion, mystery and enjoyment. Topics include otherworldly imagination, the bizarre, the bones and muscular nuances of sometimes impossible human anatomy, as well as the fleeting emotions of his strange and oft fantastical caricatures. An evolution into the use of digital ink is reflected in his harmonization of colors and bold styles. He carries an appreciation for anthropomorphizing his inanimate subjects and also showing moods of the peculiarities within his pieces.

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